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Ethics and Technology in Education: Protecting Ethical Dissent, Avoiding Groupthink, and Fostering Healthy Disagreement in a Time of Cancel Culture

This was a piece I wrote for an ethics class for my master’s degree in educational technology. The purpose of this assignment was to research a current ethical issue regarding technology andeducation, and this could be a current issue faced by an educator in the classroom. After identifying the issue, I designed an educational plan and lesson materials to promote ethical behavior in future similar situations. One of the greatest issues I saw at that time,…

Incorporating TPACK and SAMR into Lesson Planning

Like everything in education, the world of edtech is swimming with acronyms, perhaps none more important than SAMR and TPACK. While I’m not into educational fads or acronymizing every facet of teaching, SAMR and TPACK are absolutely fundamental to the successful implementation of technology in the classroom. It’s important to note that with both frameworks, it’s not about the technology. However, it is about the technology when teachers don’t…

Open-Source Curriculum and 1:1 Device Implementation

This plan was created for my Professional Development and Leadership in Educational Technology course at Concordia Academy. Through this project, I needed to create an executable technology implementation plan and desired outcomes of the plan. This included defining the school size, population (students and staff) grades taught, administrative structure, geographic location, existing technologies, typical capital budget, limitations/constraints, etc., the goal of the…