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Drawing Contained Space (Geometric) Landscapes

I created this video for my students in my drawing class to learn from during distance learning, inspired by Black Lantern’s geometric landscape illustration. This two-day mini project is an activity to combine the elements of art after learning about all of them, specifically the use of line, shape, value, texture, and space. The goal is to use a shape to create a frame to contain the…

Ethics and Technology in Education: Protecting Ethical Dissent, Avoiding Groupthink, and Fostering Healthy Disagreement in a Time of Cancel Culture

This was a piece I wrote for an ethics class for my master’s degree in educational technology. The purpose of this assignment was to research a current ethical issue regarding technology andeducation, and this could be a current issue faced by an educator in the classroom. After identifying the issue, I designed an educational plan and lesson materials to promote ethical behavior in future similar situations. One of the greatest issues I saw at that time,…

Blue Screen of Death: WHEA Uncorrectable Error

So tonight, I ran into an issue while uploading some files via FTP. My custom computer build gave me a Blue Screen of Death with the error code: “WHEA_Uncorrectable_Error.” It seemingly happened for no reason, and I have never seen it before. So what should I do? I used to jump straight to Command Prompt and run chkdsk /f. However, I’ve learned my lesson from before. If you use chkdsk on a failing hard drive, you actually risk losing your data.…