Crash and Reading

With the advent of my computer crashing, it’s led me to the discovery of the new Windows OS…. Windows 8.1.

It leaves me to review my initial thoughts on the operating system. As an original skeptic and hater, I still stand by what many other users have been saying since its release: Windows 8 is a terribly flawed operating system for non-touch screen computers. However, I will give it props for being a pioneer for touch screen devices. Rumors have been flying that the next version of Windows will include smart detection for what device its being run on. With that being said, I’m actually looking forward to seeing what Microsoft will deliver in its next release.

For my current situation, however, I may need to install ClassicShell, Pokki, or another of a wide variety of fixes to run my system in a similar way to Vista. Some may say Vista was godawful, but I enjoyed many of its features (after years of work and hotfixes being installed.)

On another note, Seether’s new album was released today. This marks the first time in three albums that I haven’t gone out to get it, even though it’s an amazing soundtrack to a different season in my life. I guess that’s what student loans and having to shell out cash to recover all my data will do to me, but I’ll make a priority to buy it as soon as I can have a working laptop to use it on. Crossing my fingers that the deluxe edition will still be available in the coming weeks.

I finished a painting book by Andrew Loomis and moved onto the great Stan Lee. For anyone looking for a resource on drawing… not just comics… pick up a copy of How to Draw the Marvel Way It’s incredibly insightful into easy ways to draw in perspective and “thinking through” an object.

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