Beginning Gesture Drawing

The summer’s winding down to an end and I have still yet to complete one of my paintings for the starting art show at my college. It’s not because I’m lazy and I don’t want to do it. I’m extremely motivated to do it; I just don’t feel like I’ve learned the skills to do what I want to do yet.

And so I’ve been digging through a dozen different art books and how-to publications. I finally stumbled upon a video on YouTube that actually wasn’t half bad.

I’ve never successfully gestured the human figure before. After 20+ attempts, I think I have a  grip on the basics. This next week, I’ll be putting ideas together to begin the painting. I don’t usually work large-scale, that is, more than 40 inches in length/height, so this will also be new territory for me to try with a pressing deadline.

I finally got this site online, too. It might be awhile before I get everything finalized on it, so bear with me while it’s a work in progress. There’s some custom details I want to add in place of the generic images along with portfolio items I haven’t had time to archive yet.

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